Third and Fourth Grade Newsletter

Please see below info. on choosing a Halloween costume.

Spelling - Challenge Words are each 1 point E.C. Test is Fri. - review daily.

3rd Grade Words

slight, mild, sight, pie, mind, tie, pilot, might, lie, tight, blind, fight, die, midnight, find, night, Challenge:  silent, frightening

4th Grade Words

wait, weight, heard, herd, days, daze, heel, heal, peak, peek, sent, cent, scent, feet, feat, vain, vane, vein, miner, minor, Challenge:  raise, raze, rays, principal, principle

Memory work (review daily) test is Thursday

All the books in the Bible we've learned so far PLUS Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

Language Arts 
Please read 30 min. each night for Accelerated Reader

Lesson 5 and Scholastic News
3rd grade: “Roberto Clemente"
4th grade: “Stormalong"

3rd Grade: Ch. 2 - Adding Whole Numbers - test 9/27; Ch. 3 - Subtraction Number Sense - test 10/10
4th Grade: Ch. 3 - Multiplication Meaning and Facts - test 10/04; Ch. 4 - Division Meaning and Facts

Social Studies
Unit 1:  Our Communities - Ch. 2 - Communities of Different Sizes - test 10/11

Unit 1:  Engineering - Ch. 2 - How Do We Define a Solution?

Test dates are subject to change if necessary by the teacher and occasionally overlap with another test.  Tests are not lengthy, are read to students and are not timed (except for Math mad-minutes). There are announced and unannounced quizzes periodically.

For Halloween - please remember when choosing a costume for our school party, that we are a Christian school.  Please refrain from witches, devils, goblins, or anything overly scary.  Keep those costumes at home for trick-or-treating.  Students will change into their costume in the afternoon after morning chapel, and should be able to get into the costume by themselves.  Please keep makeup, swords, or other weapons at home and use for later.  Thank you for your cooperation.  We are looking for some party help.  If you are available to bake, or help with our class party, have a fun craft or want to read a Halloween story, please let me know.  Thank you so much!