Third and Fourth Grade Newsletter

Spelling Test on Friday - Challenge Words are worth one point extra.

3rd Grade Words - below, about, belong, around, again, alone, because, aove, between, alive, behind, begin, along, before, awhile, beyond

4th Grade Words - meant, routine, style, flood, month, pleasant, guess, women, either, against, disguise, sweat, magazine, guard, receive, wonder, league, type, ceiling, money, plaid, onion, guarantee, rhyme, submarine

Due to the shortened week, there will be no Memory work

Language Arts 
Please read 30 min. each night for Accelerated Reader

Reading - Lesson 30 - and Scholastic News
3rd grade:  Saving Buster
4th grade:  Mystery at Reed's Pond

3rd Grade: Ch. 17 - Time and Temperature - test 05/29; Ch. 18 - Multiplying Greater Numbers
4th Grade: Ch. 16 - Measurement, Time and Temperature - test 5/30; Ch. 17 - Data and Graphs

Social Studies
Our Communities - Unit 4 - Citizens and Government - Ch. 8 - Government 

Unit 4 - Plants and Life Cycles

Test dates are subject to change if necessary by the teacher and occasionally overlap with another test.  Tests are not lengthy, are read to students and are not timed (except for Math mad-minutes). There are announced and unannounced quizzes periodically.