Summer Camp

Saint Luke Christian Care also provides weekly care after the school year is done to keep kids busy all summer long at Summer Camp. We offer two age-appropriate programs: one for children age 3 - 5 years of age (those who have not finished kindergarten) and one for children who have finished Kindergarten through 8th grade. All programs offer a variety of activities and a wonderful opportunity for your child to enjoy his/her summer by making new friends, staying active, and learning new things in a secure and adult supervised environment.


Our campers participate in a variety of fun and educational activities including sports, arts and crafts, Chapel, educational reinforcement, scavenger hunts, cooking demonstrations, science projects, theme days, group parties and so much more! We also plan various on-site activities such as Water Day, Bounce House Day, theme days, talent shows and more.

Off-Site Field Trips 
Field trips and special on-site activities are planned throughout the summer and are optional. Adult supervision and activities are provided for those children who opt not to attend field trips. When off-site field trips are scheduled as part of a theme or project, you will be asked to sign a separate release form. Field Trip fees will be assessed and collected prior to the trip. Field Trip fees are paid separate of attendance fees. Transportation will be by bus or walking escort. Permission slips to escort your child off the facility grounds, i.e. field trips, off-site walking trips, and Open Swim/Swim Lessons at the Itasca Water Park, are part of the registration materials.

Open Swim / Swim Lessons  
Christian Day Care works in conjunction with the Itasca Park District offering our services to escort your child to the Itasca Water Park for swim lessons and open swim. The registration forms and waiver are available at the Itasca Park District. Payment for swim lessons and pool passes are made directly to the Itasca Park District.