Registration Procedures

Saint Luke Christian Day Care requires registration for each child that is a part of our program. Registration for the academic school year and our Summer Camp program are taken separately. Below you will find information on registering your child in our academic school year program. 

New Families
If you are a new family that has not previously attended Saint Luke Christian Care you will need to register through the Procare system. The link below will allow you to do so  


  • I will need to make a copy of your child's birth certificate. Please bring the original. Must have the state steal on it.
  • Payment Form
  • Attendance Schedule Form
  • Authorization/Release Form 
  • Hot Lunch Forms (OPTIONAL) 
  • Your child's most recent physical

Returning Families 
If you are a returning family you are already registered in the Procare system.  All you will need to turn in would be the necessary paperwork for your child to attend 2020 - 2021 Christian Care program. The paperwork is as follows:

  • Attendance Schedule Form
  • Authorization/Release Form 
  • Hot Lunch Forms (OPTIONAL) 
  • If your child is entering Preschool, Kindergarten or 6th grade we will need a copy of your child's most recent physical.

Payment Form

1st Term Attendance Schedule Form 
(August 21 - December 18, 2020)

2nd Term Attendance Schedule Form 
(January 4 - June 3, 2021)

Authorization Release Form