Pre-K Newsletter

March 15, 2019

Pre-Kindergarten News

Pre K had some sensational silly activity going on this week.  We had our thinking caps on coming up with so many spectacular S words.  Not to mention, this week has been filled with St. Patrick's day stories and activities.  We had a super day celebrating green and St. Patrick's Day.  We even went on a scavenger hunt!  We followed the rainbow to the secret pot of gold.  

HOMESWEET HOMEWORK –is practicing the letter Ss.  Please be sure only have your child make 5-10 Ss.  My Ss Letter Book is going home to be read to 3 people.  

Next week we will be getting ready for our Grandparetns Day/Grand People's Day.  Please be sure to let us know how many special people your child will be bringing.  The classroom gets transformed to make room for all our special guests.  

With Grandparents Day/Grand People's Day, please be aware of the days off for your child's class.
NO SCHOOL for the AM CLASS on Wednesday, March 20.
NO SCHOOL for the PM CLASS on Thursday, March 21.
Evening Operetta Performance at 6:30 pm.  Students need to be the classroom at 6:15 pm wearing a light shirt and denim bottoms.
NO SCHOOL FOR EVERYONE  on Friday, March 22 because we start Spring Break!

Our Chapel Offerings are going to an organization called Swaddling Clothes. It is located in Elgin at a Lutheran Church. They provide clothing and baby needs for families that are less fortunate.

Update…we have met our goal for a BUDDY BENCH!!! Thank you for bringing in all those caps…but don’t stop. We decided it was so easy to collect caps and lids that we decided to go for another bench. So PLEASE KEEP BRINGING IN THOSE CAPS AND LIDS!!!

Please remember that if your child is sick or out for the day, please let Mrs. Zaccaria in the school office know. If you happen to email me, please CC: her on the email as well.