Pre-K Newsletter

May 24, 2019

Pre-Kindergarten News

It was a busy week with Teddy Bears and Friends in the classroom. They were busy playing at night when no one was looking and made some messes. It was fun to do our normal school activities with our special stuffed friends.

HOMESWEET HOMEWORK is done for the year!!!!!!

Next week we will finish our Father’s Day gifts and practice for our Graduation Celebration.

Just a reminder that Chapel offerings are going to Young Knights the month of April and May.

Pre K GRADUATION CELEBRATION is scheduled for May 31 at 10:00 am. This celebration is for both classes. Students will need to be in the classroom at 9:30 am. The celebration starts at 10:00 am, in the church and is followed by a cake reception. You are welcomed to stay as long as you would like. This is a celebration, so if you would like to invite grandparents, please feel free to do so. Students should wear their “Sunday Best” for the special occasion.