Pre-K Newsletter

November 9, 2018

Pre-Kindergarten News

Pre-K has had a very interesting week. We focused on the letter I along with learning all about our 5 senses. Each day, we talked about a different sense and played a game to go along with that sense. The favorite sense was the sense of taste. We tasted food that was sour, sweet and salty. During our Jesus Times, we heard the story of Moses.

HOMESWEET HOMEWORK is making a letter Ii puzzle. Please guide your child while doing their homework, but please DO NOT do their homework for them. My Letter Ii Book is also coming home to be read to 3 people.

PLEASE BE SURE TO WEAR GYM SHOES ON THURSDAY!!!  We have had too many accidents with children not wearing the proper shoes.  If your child does not wear gym shoes on THURSDAY, for safety purposes, they will sit out.  Thank you!

Next week we will focus on Thanksgiving. Ms. Chris, from the Itasca Nature Center, will be here on Monday to “Talk Turkey” with our class. Also, each student has chosen whether they want to be a Pilgrim or Indian, stayed tuned on this!!!  We will take time throughout the week to get ourselves ready for our classroom Thanksgiving feast on Friday. We have started practicing our Christmas songs as we being practicing for our Christmas Program, which is on Tuesday, December 11th.

Our Chapel offerings have been going to the Lutheran Church Charities, Comfort Dogs. You may have heard about them on TV. These golden retrievers, travel all over the United States to bring comfort to those who have suffered. Just this past week they were invited to go to California to help with the events that occurred in Thousand Oaks, CA. Here is a link to their story.

THANKSGIVING BREAK is from November 19- 23, 2018.  There is NO SCHOOL so please be sure to let Mrs. Wassmann or Ms. W know of your Christian Care needs for this week!

Not too early to think this, but Snowed in with Santa will take place on Friday, December 7th.  Details about the event will be coming home soon.