Pre-K Newsletter

September 21, 2018

Pre-Kindergarten News

Bubbly Pre-K students enjoyed focusing their week on the letter B. Beach Day was a huge success and it was a beautiful day to spend time at the beach. Beach balls, Frisbees were flying through the classroom. Friends enjoyed going on a boat and playing in the sand and water. We started printing our number of the month, which is the number 1. We heard the story of Noah Ark’s and his big boat.

HOMESWEET HOMEWORK is practicing printing the letter B. We said that letter B has a belly button. The belly button is the dotted line. We make big B by going from the sky to the belly button and from the belly button to the ground. For little b we say, sky to the ground, from the belly button to the ground. Please guide your child while doing their homework, but please DO NOT do their homework for them.

Next week we will focus on letter C. During our Jesus Times we will hear about the Tower of Babel.

FREE PRESCHOOL KINDERGARTEN SCREENING at Benson on October 19th. If you are interested, please call Benson at 630-773-0554 and set up a time for your child. If your screening is during our class time, with your consent, we can walk your child over.

Thanks to all who went out to LaHacienda for Forks for Funds. Next foods for funds is October 11 at Panera in Addison!