Pre-K Newsletter

May 17, 2019

Pre-Kindergarten News

Zippy and zany students focused their week on the letter Zz. The Zoo trip was an awesome day of sunshine with friends! Thanks to everyone who came with us. We were blessed to have Mr. Wendt come and do our last woodworking project with us. During our Jesus Time, we heard the wonderful story of God’s protection with Daniel and Jonah.

HOMESWEET HOMEWORK –is reading the Zz letter book to 3 people.

Next week we will have Teddy Bear Picnic Week. Students are to bring ONE stuffed teddy bear, any size, to school each day. Teddy Bears may spend the night, if students would like them too. If a child does not have a teddy bear, another stuffed animal is welcome to join the fun!  During our Jesus Times, we will hear about Paul.

Just a reminder that Chapel offerings are going to Young Knights the month of April and May.

Pre K GRADUATION CELEBRATION is scheduled for May 31 at 10:00 am. This celebration is for both classes. Students will need to be in the classroom at 9:30 am. The celebration starts at 10:00 am, in the church and is followed by a cake reception. You are welcomed to stay as long as you would like. This is a celebration, so if you would like to invite grandparents, please feel free to do so. Please return the Invitation that was sent home by May 22.

Events to look forward to…
May 19- Angel Choir Sings at the 8:00 am Service
May 31- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL- Pre-K Graduation Celebration at 10:00 am (both classes)