Parents and Teachers Testimonials

Dear Parents,

Making a choice of where to send your son or daughter to school is an important and sometimes difficult decision to make. We believe that the best resource for input is other parents, like yourself, who have already been in your shoes. Click below to read current Saint Luke parents testimonials as well as current teacher testimonials. I pray that their comments are helpful and assuring that if you choose to send your child to Saint Luke, not only would your child be happy, but you also would be thankful that you chose Saint Luke. 

Parent Testimonials                      Teacher Testimonials

In conclusion … We hope in the responses, you found a reason to visit our school. We hope you sensed the heart and commitment that our teachers have toward Christian education and their students. We hope you were assured that Saint Luke provides an excellent well rounded academic program for children throughout the grades. We hope you realize the unique opportunity we have as a Christian school to offer a value based education founded on God’s Word. We hope that you  saw that we are about building a foundation for life, now and into eternity, for our students, by shaping the whole child in a nurturing environment centered in the message and love of Christ. And We hope we have the opportunity to provide the best in education for your child(ren).