My Father's House

My Father’s House

In the Old Testament and when Jesus walked the earth, the temple was the focus of faith for God’s people. The temple was attended to by an army of priests and servants to make sure there was never a disruption in the number of ongoing sacrifices being made for the sins of the people. The Gospels of the New Testament tell of how Jesus went in and cleansed the temple at least twice because of the abuses of moneymaking in the temple courts. Jesus told them “Get these out of here, how dare you turn my Father’s house into a marketplace.” Jesus wanted them to know how important it was to give honor to the place of worship and prayer. While this is not an article about fundraising and selling things at church, it is an article that also focuses on the importance of caring for the Father’s house. Our church and school buildings are over 60 years old and they are beginning to show their age. Especially the heating and cooling systems. With our recent cold weather we have already experienced a pipe breaking in the library which soaked the new carpeting. With continued cold weather coming up, we can only hope that the rest of the system will remain intact. We really need to update the piping for our heating and cooling system. That is why we are raising funds for the replacement of the pipes. Our Father’s House effort is seeking to raise $300,000 to replace the aged pipes and replace the old and heavy lunch tables in the gym. Our goal is to raise $150,000 before the end of the year and $150,000 before the end of the school year. We are trying to raise all of the necessary funds before the replacement project begins so there will be no burden to the budget and we won’t have to incur any debt.

If you would like to contribute the Our Father’s House fund, please take one of the green envelopes located in the pew rack or on the back table of the sanctuary. If you prefer you can donate at our kiosk in the narthex, online on our gofundme page under the name: My Father’s House The Lutheran Church and School of Saint Luke. If you shop at Amazon, one half of one percent will be donated by Amazon Smile.

In 70AD the temple was destroyed by the Roman army when they stormed Jerusalem. While there is no more temple, we have the privilege of worshiping, serving, and learning in God’s House here in Itasca. We honor His House here because it is where we receive the blessing of His Word and Sacraments. We honor His House further by caring for it in ways that will preserve our church and school for future generations to grow and learn in their relationship to Him.