Kindergarten Overview

Kindergarten Curriculum Highlights


One in Christ by Concordia Publishing House

  • Bible Stories from Genesis – Revelations
  • Weekly memory verse to help them remember Jesus in their daily lives


Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Learning to Write Series. 

Letter Books A-Z Students will learn:

  • Name, sound and formation of each letter
  • Identify the letter and letter sounds in the initial position
  • Teach the formation of capital and lowercase letters
  • Develop word attack skills and blend letter sounds into words
  • Learn memory words
  • Develop reading comprehension skills
  • Discriminate between similar letters
  • Teach association skills
  • Spell dictated words
  • Follow oral directions
  • Enjoy reading and listening to stories



  • Sorting
  • Positions and Patterns
  • Comparing Sets, Data, and Graphing
  • Represent and Read Numbers 0-9
  • Plane Shapes and Fractions
  • Solid Shapes
  • Represent and Read Numbers 9-20
  • Using Numbers 0-12
  • Time (to the hour)
  • Money (recognize coins)
  • Length
  • Weight and Capacity
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Story Problems
  • Numbers Greater than 20

Social Studies: 

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Friends and Neighbors

  • Friends and Family
  • Where We Live
  • Working Together
  • I Am a Citizen
  • People Work
  • Things Change


Evan More - Learning About Series

  • Animals
  • My Body
  • The Earth 
  • Plants
  • Weather

Thematic Units:

  • Fire Safety
  • Dental Health
  • Historical Events
  • Holidays

Weekly Specials:

Once a week students will attend a thirty minute sessions in each subject

  • Art
  • Computers
  • Library
  • Music/Choir

Other Kindergarten Activities:

  • Classroom Parties (Halloween, Christmas, & Valentine’s Day)
  • 100th Day of School Celebration
  • Field Trips
  • Lutheran Schools Week (January)
  • Surprise Reader (Parent’s sign up to come in and read a story to the class)
  • Woodworking (Children will make 4-5 wood projects with Mr. Wendt throughout the school year for a small fee)